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When doing the work you love gets tricky

There is so much good in the world.

There is so much GREAT in the world.

This past weekend, I attended a business conference and a certain speaker stood out. She was funny, whip-smart, a brilliant business woman and as of 12 weeks ago dying from kidney failure. Leaning in is what she does everyday.

So used to asking for what she wanted in business, when she had to ask for a kidney from her family and friends, she hit quicksand. Asking for what she needed became the mountain. She is here to say it got climbed.

I am forever amazed when you have worked hard, built a business/organization/navigated the ladder and consistently asked for what you wanted and needed, then to have it hurled back at you through others own jealously and insecurity. The inability of wanting to handle ones less savory parts of a personality baffles me.

Why would you not want to herald the ASK?

The road is rocky, it will test you. Doing business takes courage. People will call you names, try to make you feel small, and test your mettle. Please do not stop asking for what you want.

Remember this:

It’s just drapes.

Love you