You get excited.

You get mad.





Pulling your hair out.

In love.

These are not the phases of an emotional time in your life, this is getting your bathrooms remodeled.


A lot of my job is managing expectations for a project. Actually I would say the largest part and sometimes hardest part, is quelling your anxiety.

I adore my work. ADORE.

There are some that are in this industry where you see all their work, like long division. I tend to try to mitigate all that scribble and line up all the best people who are in alignment with my HOW. This takes years to find all of these amazing people who you will both hug and scream at. Either way, they come back and get the work done. I will tell you though, if you scream more than a couple of times, we are having a sit down to find out where it is coming from and how to quell it.

So, 42,369….

These are all the decisions, questions, answers, thoughts, picks, choices that my team does for say A bathroom. This is why this is what I do FULL TIME. You have a life. Am always amazed when people choose to project manage their own remodel/new construction. Unless you are ready to make it a full-time job, you will be disappointed.

I know, it’s hard to wait for the order of things.

Bathroom remodel: BASIC

pick a wall tile (will there be a design? a special trim? what is the finish edge? pattern of tile? how high?)

pick a floor tile (a lot of the same questions)

pick a new counter top material  (will there also be a threshold for shower and/or bench?)

pick new cabinets (wood/laminate/lacquer-how many drawers? how deep? oh the old light switch needs to be moved)

pick a faucet (what finish, style, wide-spread/single hole/wall mount

pick a shower faucet (do you also need a hand spray or tub filler?)

pick a tub (lots of choices)

pick handles and knobs (lots of choices)

pick a new toilet (lots of choices-top flush/side flush, does it need to match your finishes, elongated?)

pick light fixtures (ceiling? wall sconces?)

mirror (sconces mounted on top or above)

pick a paint/wallpaper

pick towel bars, tp holder, hooks

then there is electrician


tile installer

cabinet installer

counter top/marble installer

mirror and shower door installer

Finish carpenter

dry waller and taper

painter or wallpaper installer

This is a quick list……

This is what I do FULL TIME.


Believe me, I wish that everything we ordered came in as it should-not damaged, the size, the right color, only delivering one pallet of toilets and not the tub, etc etc etc…… (one time I ordered a huge amount of very dear tile from a coveted tile company and it was supposed to be cream crackle. We got matte black. Two bathrooms worth. The tile installer is scheduled and no tile. Guess what, this set us back 2 weeks. Mad, oh heck yeah.)


Did I say, did I convey…I love my work.

New project, lots of fabulous color. Lots of lists, layers and lining everyone up.

lake forest update

Love you



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