Bringing Milwaukee Back.

Milwaukee is a great mid-sized town. You can get to the grocery store in under 4 mins and it is usually within a mile. We came from the City of Chicago, even if you lived 4 blocks from the grocery, it still took 20 mins to get there.

We moved to Milwaukee during the Recession.

It was an adjustment for everyone, except the girls, who loved it from day one. Our main reason for moving…MPS, Fernwood Montessori. Believe it or not, Milwaukee Public Schools have the best public Montessori program in the country. That decided it for us, hands down. We moved to Bay View and settled in.

For almost 20 years, I have been designing, remodeling, building, and helping amazing Real Estate Agents sell their listings. Happy is an understatement. It is what I am meant to do. I love everything about it. It is the ultimate puzzle. Mix in the clients and you have a party.


What amazing bones.

Every neighborhood in this great city has amazing bones. It is time to start remodeling, bringing these homes into the 21st century. When we moved into our 1st house in Bay View, we had a dishwasher. Come to find out that is unusual. Central Air, copper plumbing, ovens and stoves actually made in the last 10 years….not usual. Instead I find in home after home one non-grounded plug per room, knob and tube wiring, 4 bedrooms with one small bathroom for the whole house. People were buying homes at good prices that were stuck in 1962 or worse 1982. This somehow is acceptable.

I have been lucky enough to have worked on multi-million dollar homes all the way to replacing a faucet. The thought process is the same, only the price of that faucet differs. My clients get the same negotiating for a 100.00 faucet or 1000.00 faucet. The design process is the same. How can I maximize, organize and beautify the space for the budget at hand. You will always get an honest and straightforward answer from me about money. There is always the moment where we have to have the “money talk”. YOU WILL SAVE time, money and heart-ache by hiring me. I think of all those crazy things that will drive you nuts when it gets done wrong and your contractor is telling you it will cost 700.00 to move the thermostat from the middle of a beautiful wall that your mothers art school painting would have gone on. Think people, no one wants that in the middle of a 6 ft wall span.


bay view homes

Let’s bring it back. Start by adding a bathroom, updating the kitchen. Houses are selling in record time for way more money than I would ever list them for. The key is demand. Add having a couple of righteous new bathrooms, refinished wood floors, and a killer new kitchen….ask for more, you will get it.


Pabst is coming back, the city is growing and the homes are still in 1962. If we want to attract people who are going to invest and move here, we need to think about the housing stock.

Start thinking about it, Spring is almost here and people are coming out of their shells. Everything comes alive again.

My mission is to update Milwaukee.

I will find you a home, we bring it up to date and you move in. If you want to stay put, let’s remodel, give you another bathroom…a new kitchen…A GARAGE!

Cannot wait to see what will come.

Let me know how my team can help.




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