Creative and Process

It is my job to ask questions.

Some of those questions might seem personal…insane…trivial or plain dumb.

I promise there is a puzzle that is being constructed.

The finished home//room//deck//bathroom, is the hours of constructing the puzzle.

 199 Entrancelayers and layers….

49,234 decisions that get wrestled down to the 3 or 4 that I present to you.

I love every minute.


So my gift for you this evening is, truly love your process.

  • If you are a grinder, guess what, I will know this and let you go there for a while, then guide you into a decision you love.
  • If you are a changer, it is my job to figure this out (you might be unaware of this) and set kind rules that keep you on track to see the final picture even though the pieces make you change your mind every day.
  • If too many choices over whelm you, I’ll know this by all my questions. Then only give you what you need to smile.


I truly love my clients. Every last one of them (even the ones that I no longer work with). They are my teacher and ask me to stretch and grow. Creative is what I do best.

You get me.




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