The Recession is over.

We needed a new car.

My office and home are in Milwaukee and I work in Chicago. Some weeks it is 1000 miles.

This was a no brainer.

Since 2009, a lot of us have been living like that cartoon of the little boy with the ever-present black cloud over his head. Chicken Little. The Recession tore into a lot of us. Homes lost, businesses scaled back 70, 80, 90%. If you were in the housing or financial industry, there was a painful silence followed by the clatter of dominos falling. It was being boiled in oil at best.

So we needed a new car. I can get a lot of my calls done in the hour and a half each way, so in-car phone was necessary. A car that would not contort me with its poor seat placement design and dependable. Yes, I live in frozen tundra and having a car break down in -10 is crazy.

Almost a year ago, off to the dealerships we go. Drive this, drive that.

Nope Nope Nope.

Realizing by the fourth dealership, my brain was still in the black hole of 2009.

It was that moment walking into the 5th dealership, I announced loudly, bruskly, and with crazy conviction to my husband “THE RECESSION IS OVER”. Boom. Done.

This was huge for me. The shift of saying it out loud and then allowing myself to buy a good, safe, pretty car was what I needed to then say YES.

Yes to clients, Yes to work, Yes to living in beauty again, Yes to color, Yes to pushing the envelope.

Yes to the good.

The Recession was a reset.

Started the firm in 1996, making slipcovers and drapery. We grew to almost 30 people and LOVED EVERY MINUTE of those 100 hour work weeks. By 2007 it was a machine. A creative, amazing, people driven, beautiful machine. When the wrecking ball of 2008 hit, we were not prepared. Our firm was the walking wounded. We rushed to get people in other positions, applied to graduate schools, anything so they would be okay. By the middle of 2009 we were less than zero.

Failure on an epic scale.

Then a client popped her head up in 2011. Where was I? What was I doing? Could I help? Needless to say, I cried like a baby. Went to her house I had helped her with and wanted to take up residency in one of the broom closets. Another client popped up…and another. Being loved for your brain, heart and creative crazy pulse is breathtaking. Nothing replaces it. I started to make calls. Test the waters. See who had weathered. Who needed a hug.

Buy the car.

The Recession is over.

lay your amour down

Love you.




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