When doing the work you love gets tricky

There is so much good in the world.

There is so much GREAT in the world.

This past weekend, I attended a business conference and a certain speaker stood out. She was funny, whip-smart, a brilliant business woman and as of 12 weeks ago dying from kidney failure. Leaning in is what she does everyday.

So used to asking for what she wanted in business, when she had to ask for a kidney from her family and friends, she hit quicksand. Asking for what she needed became the mountain. She is here to say it got climbed.

I am forever amazed when you have worked hard, built a business/organization/navigated the ladder and consistently asked for what you wanted and needed, then to have it hurled back at you through others own jealously and insecurity. The inability of wanting to handle ones less savory parts of a personality baffles me.

Why would you not want to herald the ASK?

The road is rocky, it will test you. Doing business takes courage. People will call you names, try to make you feel small, and test your mettle. Please do not stop asking for what you want.

Remember this:

It’s just drapes.

Love you

Love where you live

Yes, the broken record has come out again.

Love where you live. Get a plan, hire someone to help you-they are a professional. You are good at what you do, they are good at making a plan. Plus they have access and secret squirrel finds that you would never know about. It’s our job to get you the best deal, most fabulous stuff and put it all together so literally you pee yourself.

It’s our job. Guess what….. we love it.

So you go be the lawyer, Dr, electrician, non for profit guru and let us do what we (many of us) were born to do, make your house a home.

Love you

Allan Campbell for Quadrille Potalla

Allan Campbell for Quadrille Potalla

Raoul Textiles

There are so many amazing fabrics on the market.

When you are starting to look for a fabric or a grouping of fabrics for a room or whole house, it can be over-whelming. Some clients start with a design magazine or maybe they saw something in a friend’s house. When you are in the mode, I do believe that you “know” what you like and do not care for pretty quickly. Trust those gut feelings. If you ask too many opinions and get too much feedback, years of experience has taught me, you will be unhappy moving away from your gut.

There are many to choose from, though when you start looking it gets fairly narrow pretty quickly. You tend to gravitate towards certain ones, or a certain feel or look.

Personally there are very few that I don’t like. My criteria is they have to be well made. Just like a beautifully made suit or article of clothing, I want it to last and be able to be cleaned.

One of my favourites is Raoul Textiles. They are hand printed, on linen (fav hands down), colorful and have a beautiful drape. To heap more praise, there is a range of patterns, colors and design. This makes them a great choice for lots of looks-even as little as a couple of pillows. They are show stoppers.

Raoul is not a big box fabric line. They only sell to the Trade and are printed in small runs. Totally worth taking a look at, even if it is for pillows for the living room sofa no one is allowed to sit on. (I pre-wash most so if the inevitable popsicle drippings come right out with a toss in the wash) .

Take a look, pair with solid linen, a fabulous nubby chenille or load up, they layer beautifully.

Beautiful Bedroom

It’s finished! It turned out wonderful, they love it and what an amazing place to rest your head. There was nothing when we started. Now….it’s gorgeous.

We have started working in the Family Room and Dining Room-give you a sneak peak on that one too.

The start of the Family Room: more to come….

Tapan Bhat

Okay, this interviewing thing is really fun. I love everything about it. The baddish Skype connection, the super basic editing tool. What shines completely are the people, their stories and how fabulous they are.

This week, I got to interview Tapan Bhat, the “it was a pain point for me” brain behind the awesome website WellFurnished. It’s really new and has an incredible community already (and totally different from Pinterest). It feels more connected, like there is a common thread that every cares about. They cheer you on! We all need some cheering-You there, “YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!”

So I emailed him and he agreed to be interviewed, this after I found out he sings opera and started in college-who does that?

There are so many amazing things that come out when you get people talking about their house or clothing. Their eyes light up. Get them talking about what is next on their “must have” list and the drool begins.

Enjoy, he is a doll and crazy smart.

Don’t forget to check out the site. It’s lovely and he has huge plans for the future.

Love you

Jen Fite

There are very few people on this earth that can make one laugh the way Jen Fite can.

Truth be told, there are very few people on this earth that can make things HAPPEN the way Jen Fite can. She is famous for saying YES to everything that tickles her fancy. Jen Fite is the fabulous voodoo behind the talented and very sweet Master Chef, Rick Bayless .

She has lacquered Jaguar green kitchen cabinets and a divine sense of color, space and creative joie de vivre. I got to ask her all sorts in a super fun interview (see below!)

Recently she and Rick were at the Emmy’s, she wore Diane Von Furstenberg, yes she did (and she sat next to Susan Lucci). She is truly the whole package-smart, talented and doing what she was meant to do.

Jen Fite at the Emmy’s in Diane Von Furstenberg

She’s just back from Jimmy Kimmel Live, Charlie Rose and Gayle King as Rick has a new book coming out, with my favourite always-Margaritas, Guacamoles and SNACKS-these are Rick Bayless SNACKS too! (if we could stay skinny with good skin-eat and drink this only) . Sneak Peek-WHOOHOO

Rick Bayless NEW BOOK

So much fun to get to interview this dynamo. I love it, we hear not just about her ‘to die for’ kitchen and her decorating mojo…it’s a glimpse into the “how to be a business owner and adore what you do”.

Next time you have a “no” welling up, think Jen Fite and pivot that no into a YES….then figure out how to make it happen.

Love you